Day of deer at Shenandoah

November 10, 2008

Today I headed for the mountains of Shenandoah National Park shortly after three and was struck by the vibrant golden leaves in the lower elevations. Up higher, I thought the bare trees would really help find wildlife, but all I seemed to find today were deer.


There were only a few bucks to be seen, but not the giant racks I’d like to find. I know one decent buck lives near Big Meadows but I’ve already covered him pretty extensively.

I also met two hikers from the Appalachian Trail who got me thinking about the possibility of doing a collection from the AT sometime in the future. Whether that means wildlife or scenic work, either might be nice. They were just making their way through the state hoping to make Georgia before the New Year. To the hikers, good luck in your trip!

2 Responses to “Day of deer at Shenandoah”

  1. davepidgeon Says:

    Hard to catch wildlife along the Appalachian Trail because it’s so busy, relatively speaking, with human traffic. If you do a photographic collection of the AT, scenic work may be best. That being said, if you want to spy wildlife along the AT, spend a night with hikers at a shelter. Hikers make for some interesting images 🙂


  2. Evan Dyson Says:

    Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it.

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