The hunt continues

November 10, 2008

I’ve had a significant amount of luck in terms of what I’ve been able to photograph throughout this project, but some things remain elusive.

I know for a fact that raccoons are out and about in the Valley, but I only seem to find the dead ones. Nevertheless, I’m trying to find raccoons and opossums if possible. I had photographed one opossum a while back, but I’m not satisfied with the images.


Does anyone have suggestions for finding these (or any other) interesting animals around the Valley?

Woodland creature wish list:
Opossum (photographed, but seeking more)
Turkey (photographed, but seeking more)
Coyote (seen, but not photographed)

One Response to “The hunt continues”

  1. […] Early on in the creation of this site (November 2008), while working on my book about the Shenandoah Valley, I created a wishlist of animals that I really wanted to find, including the bobcat. […]

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