Geese galore on Newman Lake

February 5, 2009

On Tuesday, I made a quick trip over to Newman Lake on the edge of the campus at James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Geese are a dime a dozen near the lake and this trip was no exception. What did make it special was the fact that snow had fallen in the Valley and the area around the lake was draped with several inches.


Portions of the lake were also frozen which worked well from an image perspective.

Typically, geese take off immediately upon my approach, but I was able to keep enough distance as I wound toward the front of the mass that they stayed in generally the same area. With only a few seconds to spare after they started to flee across the lake, I approached a group meandering toward the bank and fired several rapid bursts which captured the graceful steps toward the edge.

One of those is a new favorite of mine and is definitely going into the book.

Fearful of tow trucks and campus tickets, I retreated after nailing that group of shots and was feeling great.

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