February 9, 2009

Saturday evening I was fortunate enough to get a ride back into Shenandoah National Park to retrieve my truck. On the way, I received an unexpected blessing. As we approached the area near Tanner’s Ridge Overlook, we noticed a group of deer to the right eyeing two small brown masses. It took a minute to realize that they were raccoons. Finally!

I’d been trying to find raccoons for months so it was a great surprise. I got one image that I’ve already put in the layout and really enjoy. That one won’t go online just yet, but here is an outtake from the raccoons:


From a photographic standpoint, the time of day (about 6 p.m.) always makes for soft light, but makes long exposures necessary. These raccoons were constantly on the move, so that was a bit tricky. I’m still satisfied with the results and am happy about the one I’ve put in the book.

2 Responses to “Raccoons!”

  1. […] Finding a pair of raccoons in Shenandoah National Park took months. In Alexandria, one found me. […]

  2. […] not ideal, but I made the best of it and enjoyed the chance to watch something I’ve only seen once or twice […]

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