Paths around Lake Shenandoah

February 23, 2009

Last week I set off for Lake Shenandoah in Rockingham County to scan for animals and to investigate the full extent of the perimeter paths. I have walked the lake several times before, but usually stop at the dam on the far side. A recent article in the Daily News-Record indicated that the full perimeter of the lake could be walked.

To an extent, I found that to be true. The exception can be found surrounding the large red barn opposite the parking area. That is private property without shore access. To navigate that area you must walk briefly on the roadway and then can cut back to paths along the shore.

In the wildlife department, a group of ducks amused me for a while by bobbing up and down in the water looking for food, with their feet to the sky. I was unable to find mammals in the area.


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