Brief arboretum visit

April 7, 2009

Monday I stopped briefly at the JMU arboretum and made a few finds.

Arriving in the parking lot, I noticed two forms darting around on a hill near the overflow parking lot. As I approached, they disappeared. At first I wasn’t sure if they were groundhogs or raccoons, but I’m going to conclude they were likely groundhogs since I found some more burrows around that area.

Wandering for a short time, I approached a cardinal while he was singing and he didn’t seem to mind me too much. I made a few images before he flew off, but nothing groundbreaking.

The most interesting point occurred when near the pond as I observed a squirrel creep toward the lake and then begin sipping water for a few minutes. I made some images, but was not quite in the ideal spot. Better luck next time, I guess.

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