Wildlife photography gear chat

April 8, 2009

4 Responses to “Wildlife photography gear chat”

  1. This is a great area.

    Nice video!

  2. Jonathan Says:

    i’m surprised your shooting with the 70-200…would you rather have something a little longer or do you not think the extra length would be that useful?

    great chat though!

    have you shot at all with the 18-200? One of my friends has a nikon and is asking me for a lens recommendation. I have seen some people on the web get some great results off that lens. I am always skeptical of the panacea lens, though, so I would appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Evan Dyson Says:

    I would love a 400 or 600mm lens. It would be extremely useful. But since that’s not financially possible I’ve had to adapt my shooting style a bit to make quality images with what I have.

    If I lived near grizzlies or something photography of subjects like that wouldn’t be a possibility. With subjects around here I can do well though.

    The 18-200 kind of worries me. With a range that large, I suspect clarity is lacking and chromatic aberration is high. Primes have the best glass, no question. Smaller range zooms tend to be next, and so on. So when the 18-200 is on the far end of the scale, versatility is exchanged for quality. My two cents.

  4. Joe Maskym Says:

    yeah and the only wildlife you find on long island is at the zoo. If there was more i would be at Cameta Camera buying the gear your talking about right now.

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