Immature mourning doves

May 11, 2009

050809DovesEDOver the weekend, while in Northern Virginia, I saw these little guys and thought I would share.

This pair of mourning doves recently hatched on a porch and they’ve been hanging around since then. No parents were to be seen while I was there, so I’m not sure how independent they are at the moment.

LITTLE UPDATE: I had a fun encounter on my last day in N. Va last weekend. For a few minutes on Sunday, I sat on the porch watching the youngsters. After a little bit, I decided to lay down on the porch. A few seconds later I heard flapping, but not from where the babies were. I barely had time to comprehend what was going on before I felt momma (or daddy) bird land on my leg. I sat motionless for a second before tipping up my head just enough to freak it out and it flew off. A bizarre little occurrence but a fun little story.

2 Responses to “Immature mourning doves”

  1. Renee Says:

    Aw, cute!

  2. […] 29, 2010 Last year I wrote about some immature mourning doves that I’d observed. I’m happy to report that the site is being used again and a fresh […]

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