Day two with the Alexandria beaver

January 4, 2010

Sunday in Alexandria there was a wind advisory, with gusting winds pounding the area almost all day. Once that subsided, there was some remaining daylight and I set off to check on my furry little friend.

I found the beaver near where it had last been seen and made a few nice images.

On my initial approach, I didn’t see the creature. It wasn’t until he began scurrying up the bank that I found its location.

As he approached the underbrush and dug around, he was completely concealed. It wasn’t until some nearby walkers and their dog came along that it began to creep out back toward the water. As it did, I captured the frame at the top of this post and watched it slip into the stream.

Swimming past ice in the half frozen water, it dove in a very similar area to last time, where I assume there is the entrance to its home. Overall a nice encounter, despite the 25 degree temperature.

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