Icy Holmes Run Park

January 5, 2010

Monday evening I stopped by Holmes Run Park, where I’ve seen a high density of birds lately. As I scanned the brush, I saw a few cardinals but little else. Then I made my way down to the water, where the freezing temperatures have begun to seal the surface of the run with ice.

Temperatures have been hesitant to peak above freezing and the biting wind doesn’t help much either.

The lone duck I watched on Monday was curious, but cautious. I’d say that’s a pretty good combination. I do wonder, though, where it will go if the ice freezes all the way over.

After a short shoot, I began to wind my way back, scanning the brush again as I went. Lately the sun has been setting around 5, but the days are slowly getting longer. I’m hoping that as that happens, I will be able to explore some other Alexandria venues and spend a little more time to observe and photograph. I also need to get back to the mountains.

Has anyone been to Shenandoah National Park lately?

2 Responses to “Icy Holmes Run Park”

  1. Evan: Good seeing you the other day. I was at SNP on Sunday morning, but Skyline Drive was closed – although I set out for Mary’s Rock from Panorama, I quickly turned back due to the cold and the icy footing. Made it less than a half mile before calling it off. Jim

  2. Evan Dyson Says:

    Jim, nice seeing you too. Is Panaroma open again? That area was closed off for the longest time.

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