Bird activity at dusk

January 6, 2010

I’m not sure if this is common, but around my area of Alexandria, at dusk swarms of birds take to the sky. Almost as if from some movie, they sweep overhead for a few minutes and then are just gone.

While the usual variety that I see doing this are a type of black bird (that I’m admittedly poor at identifying), earlier this week I noticed a group of pigeons (Columba livia) weaving through the sky like a giant school of fish.

I’d been used to seeing straight flyovers, but not this. The group turned in unison again and again like a well-choreographed dance for nearly a minute.

Eventually, they all settled at nearly the exact moment on a power line. It was very bizarre to watch, but kind of hypnotic.

There are also a significant number of these little suckers in my area. They could possibly be white-throated sparrows or song sparrows.

In other news, I only have access to Photoshop for about another week but I’m working to develop a permanent solution. If you haven’t been following my blog very long, it’s been a saga. (See some earlier posts mentioning it if you’re that curious)

I’ll do my best to make some decent images this weekend. I just have to figure out the when and where.

2 Responses to “Bird activity at dusk”

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