Friday’s trek through Holmes Run Park

February 6, 2010

Although we’re in the middle of dealing with record snowfall right now, it didn’t begin so dramatically.

Friday I spent several hours checking out Holmes Run Park in Alexandria as the snow began to fall. It was a great outing simply due to the fact that there was no wind. Wind is a definite killer when the temperature is hovering below freezing.

I’ve been trying lately to track down mammals. Something, anything, that doesn’t have feathers! Friday I didn’t have much luck in that regard, and after tracking a fox for a while, gave up and spent the rest of the time camped out along the shore of Holmes Run.

There were the usual cast of characters – geese, ducks and a heron.

Realizing that there was the distance was initially too great to any of the animals, I killed some time by grabbing some footage with the Flip camera. I posted it earlier, but in case you missed it, here it is again.

As you can tell by the end of the video, I had some success with the heron. I really like some of those shots and have one in the book layout I’m developing.

Slowly as I sat on the banks, other birds began to approach. Compositionally, I liked the layered effect when a few geese swam by and I was able to get a geese/heron combo.

Another nice moment happened a while later as a curious mallard came by. I’m used to a glance and then birds move on – not this guy. He cruised to within ten feet and then stopped cold in the water to stare at me.

Then instead of continuing on his way, he moved to the nearby sheet of ice and hopped on top, to stare at me some more. Once he had his fill, he took off. Guess I have a new admirer?

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  1. […] big snowfall decimated the trees in that area and it isn’t possible to follow the path beyond twenty feet […]

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