Birding in Holmes Run

May 21, 2010

Thursday I mixed things up a bit and returned to Holmes Run Park in Alexandria. Aside from some young birds, very little was out.

The main path of the park was heavily trafficked by joggers and cyclists, so I spent most of my time avoiding that area.

While waiting for more animals to emerge, I scanned the shoreline. There I found a number of tracks for dogs, raccoons and birds.

With the supplies in my pack, I began the process of casting some tracks. Once I had poured the plaster, I left the area to continue shooting.

In the past I’ve seen beavers and even a fox in the park, but Thursday I couldn’t get away from the birds.

One particular tree, shown above, seemed particularly popular. A number of birds, including the Cardinal shown, flew in and out to grab a bite to eat.

After two thorough scans of the vegetation for signs of life, I grabbed my casts and headed out.

2 Responses to “Birding in Holmes Run”

  1. Love your work! I’m starting my adventures with Nature and Wildlife Photography. I am finding it to be very challenging and rewarding. Keep up the great work. Will be following your works.


  2. Evan Dyson Says:

    Thanks very much. Appreciate it. I’ll check out your site as well.

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