Checking out Jefferson District Park

May 22, 2010

Friday as I was driving near McLean, I decided to pick a random park out of my GPS to explore. The nearest on the list was Jefferson District Park. As it turns out, the full title is Jefferson District Park and Golf Course, and it wasn’t quite the experience I’d hoped for.

When I first arrived, I did a quick scout by car to find the most wooded area, but all I saw were families on playgrounds and people with golf gear. For a minute I thought it would be a total loss, but then I found a tucked away trail at the back of the park.

This short trail connected the park to the surrounding suburbia. Although a continuous walk could get you from beginning to end in less than 5 minutes, I slowly scanned the trees and the underbrush along the way.

Near a small pond I found one of the largest frogs to date.

I grabbed a few frames and then moved down the path, where I saw a turtle slipping off into the distance down a small creek.

There were also a good amount of birds in the area, particularly Gray Catbirds and Robins.

After a short amount of time with few more results, I headed off. This park is good for families, not for photography. There are plenty of better options around.

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