Another day at Holmes Run

May 27, 2010

Wednesday in Holmes Run Park I dedicated a lot of my time to making plaster casts of raccoon tracks on the bank, but I was also able to see some other neat signs of animals.

Back in the woods on a steep hill I found a well-worn path that was only a few inches wide. Based on the width and the low-lying trees in that area, it isn’t a path for people.

I always like finding things like that. Possibilities for what use it could include any of the creatures I know to live in that area – raccoons, opossums, feral cats or red fox. It could also be used by multiple species.

The big snowfall decimated the trees in that area and it isn’t possible to follow the path beyond twenty feet or so.

In the search for actual animals, I found few. My most cooperative subject might not even be classified as a wild animal. Out in the open, searching through the grasses was a type of pigeon.

As I slowly approached I noticed the band on its leg. This bird could have been tagged for research or as a pet. Maybe it’s a release bird for some fancy event. I really have no idea.

After watching the bird for a while, I scanned the water again, hoping to see some of the beavers that I’ve observed in the past. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found.

Back near the water I met two other park visitors and we got to talking about the foxes. They told me they’ve seen them spending time near their home late at night. I had always assumed the foxes generally stayed in the park but maybe I’m wrong and they become city wanderers.

After picking up my casts I headed out. Side note for any who are interested in making track casts – Don’t guess the mix ratio. My plaster was too runny on one of the tracks and it was ruined.

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