Update from down south!

March 21, 2011

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last time I blogged was in August of 2010. Hopefully I can start making up for that.

A lot has happened since last summer. I’ve left the beautiful state of Virginia and now live in San Antonio, Texas. To say the scenes are different would be an understatement. The days are longer, the air is drier, oh – and have you heard – Texas is a little warmer than Virginia.

I’ve been blessed to see some species that are unique to the south, like the Armadillo. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera during that occasion, but seeing a creature I’ve only ever heard about seemed almost surreal.

In the move I’ve lost the ability to see my favorite creatures, the Black Bears. The closest experience I can have with a bear of any kind is in the local zoo.

A Grizzly Bear passes the time in the San Antonio Zoo

Part of why I’m writing this update is to figure out a path forward.  During my time in Virginia, I completed one book and began another. Since my move was more abrupt than anticipated, I haven’t yet finished the second book. It was based on the Northern Virginia region.

Okay, Evan, goals, get to the goals. Thank you, Evan.

1) Examine the full shoots from Virginia and determine if a book can be wrapped up. Since I still travel to Virginia, maybe I could squeeze in some additional shoots.

2) Begin a Texas series of images. While the full scope of what they would become remains unknown, I’d at least like to document a bit of this new territory.

So there we go. Now, I need your help! If you don’t see me following through on any of these things with fairly regular posts, kindly give me a nudge. I can be reached if you post comments anywhere on this site, or you can ping me directly on Twitter at @evandyson.

Thank you. Hello. Goodbye. Good to be back.

2 Responses to “Update from down south!”

  1. rebecca Says:

    good to hear what’s going on in your world. see you at cribbage or out in the woods next time you’re around

  2. Evan Dyson Says:

    Absolutely! That’d be great.

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