Seek the hidden

March 29, 2011

The sound of scurrying lizards is pretty unique. For a while on Saturday, it was all I heard. As I walked the trails in San Antonio’s McAllister Park, I heard the noise near every tree, but the creatures remained elusive. And then there was this guy.

Meet the Texas Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus olivaceus). This little guy was a model subject. Granted, it got a little freaked out when I kept staring at it through a lens, but I can’t say I blame it.

After a few minutes and some quality frames, I moved on.

If my outing had ended there, I would have been satisfied. Lizards are something I had only seen on a few rare occasions in Virginia.

But as is often the case in nature, you have to look most closely for the creatures that don’t want to be found.

Case and point.

Can you see it?

During a careful scan near the end of my walk, I caught a glimpse of a white tailed deer flicking its tail. The longer I looked in that area, the more animals I began to see. A large ground was escaping the mid-day heat in the shade.

In time they began to slowly move through the area. As they did, better images began to present themselves.

Here is my personal favorite. Until next time.

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