Mourning doves, round two

April 29, 2010

Last year I wrote about some immature mourning doves that I’d observed. I’m happy to report that the site is being used again and a fresh pair of babies is milling about.

They were born around the fifteenth and are still quite small. Though they were born on a porch, they move back and forth between that area and the cover of azaleas. It was in that great setting on Sunday that I caught one getting a little shut eye.

Its sibling was less comfortable with my presence and decided to keep an eye on me.

If they follow the same pattern as last year’s youngsters, they won’t be around much longer. I’m glad that I was able to document them again.

It is certainly the season for baby birds and I’ll hopefully be able to find some more soon. Come to think of it, It’s about time to check again on the goose nest I wrote about earlier this month.

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